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By acquiring the original POYSE model you selected, you understand that you are buying a unique piece of kinetic collectible art. There are no two POYSE alike, all have imperfections, are unique and are identified as such.

POYSE rests in equilibrium on the tip of its nose and gracefully balances on its minimalist acrylic stand when subject to a slight tap or blow on its wings or tail.

Your POYSE balance has been tested on four occasions:

- During the making while all pieces are assembled and adjusted.

- After painting because paint applications impact the balance.

- When it reached our order processing site.

- And finally when it is placed on your stand prior to being carefully put at rest in its transportation/shipping box.

We guarantee that your POYSE will balance.

We try our best to be as precise as we can in our product description and colors rendering. Because the color of light and its type as well as intensity influence an object colors’ rendering and all screens are not calibrated the same, we provide Pantone ® Solid Coated colors references to give you a better idea of POYSE’s colors. Note that in addition, colors are applied on bamboo (a very difficult material to paint) and color rendering is not precisely like a digital screen. Colors’ perception is impacted by lighting conditions as well as distance amongst other factors. We cannot guarantee that your monitor will accurately display each color. Return requests due to a displayed color variation will not be accepted.

All models are unique and all elements of designs vary slightly due to the complexity of the making as well as hand painting on a natural product with permanent variations and imperfections.

Unless specified, original POYSE is totally hand crafted from the selection and collection of natural raw materials, to their drying process, to the hand knife carving of each of the five pieces, to assembling and fine tuning / adjusting the balance manually, to hand painting or visual customization and per consequence is not precisely the model presented on the picture and there are minor variations in:


- Size and shape: The following pictures present some size (width and length) and shape variations you should expect:


Wings and or tail might not be straight; wings might not be symmetrical, wings can be wider or narrower, tail can be straight or bent, a tail’s end might not be symmetrical, etc.

- Posture at rest on its stand:

o Side View:

Seen from the side and while on their stand, all original POYSE have a different posture with a 45 degrees variation. Average posture varies from slightly below the Horizontal Line to about 40 degrees above the horizon. The POYSE design/model/color have no influence on the posture at rest.

o Frontal view:

It is unlikely that your POYSE will be strictly horizontal when seen on a straight frontal view and variations occur due to differences in materials’ uneven density repartition (bamboo, paints, etc.), shapes of all components and the work required to fine-tune the balance.


Whatever the posture at rest, we guarantee your POYSE will gracefully balance on its nose tip and allows you to play tapping on its wings or tail or blowing on it.

Return requests due to shape variation will not be accepted.

- Design:

All designs are hand made. To minimize variations, one only artist is usually in charge of painting a specific design. Since the shape and size of all POYSE’s components varies permanently and due to the texture of the bamboo material and its imperfections, designs cannot be strictly identical and are subject to variations and some examples are provided here below.



Also note that it might happen that some small parts of POYSE are not covered with paint (never on top). When that is the case, we did not add paint:

- Not to impact the balance
- To remind you that your original POYSE is made of a natural product.

Return requests due to design variation and small-unpainted sections will not be accepted.

In all cases, design variations will not affect the quality of your POYSE balance.

Your POYSE is a piece of art, close in appearance to the models presented in the pictures of the product description.

POYSE being a piece of art it should be treated at such. It is not suitable for children. POYSE and its stand are made to please and should at no time be used to harm anyone or anything.

Your POYSE has permanently been handled and checked manually and treated as art to satisfy you the best until we place POYSE in its shipping box to hopefully reach you in good conditions for you to enjoy for the many years to come. reserves the right to change its Sales, Payment and Shipping Terms and Conditions.